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My Running Mate, Zombie

Posted on May 24, 2021, 4:27 p.m.

My Running Mate, Zombie

Team : Entrepreneur(Hansol Jang) | Developer(Jiwan Kim, Doyoung Lee, Sangkwon Kang) | Designer (Jiyoung Lee, Gwangmin Cho)
My Position : Team leader, Developer(sensor data management, front-end)
Used Tech : React Native, AWS amplify, AWS appsync, PixiJS, Expo
Recognition : Final Winner (1st team among 400 participants) at Junction X Seoul 2021

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📹 Demo Video (1min)

'My Running Mate, Zombie' is a running game that people all over the world can play together
Despite Covid 19, this game help people exercise together in a contact-free scenario.
We could get the moving condition and running speed using sensor data,
and we reflected that data from the sensor into the running speed of the game character.
In other words, your real running speed will be the running speed of the game character!

The basic mission is to avoid infection from running zombies by running faster than them!
It means that to be alive, you need to keep social distance from other zombies.
If you fail to prevent infection, you will also become a zombie and the mission will be changed to making others into zombies.

User can set their own goal by setting the running time, and we will match other players who have similar exercise levels.
This can be competition, and you also can enjoy the game by yourself.

You can check more detailed information in the presentation file or demo video!