Are you ready to rescue your grocery budget and put that money back in your pocket?

"Going forward I'm confident that I'll be able to stick to my new budget given all the tips and tricks you've shared!"  –Kerry

Does this sound familiar...

You know that lowering your grocery spending will help you get out of debt, but you just can't figure out how to spend less on food

No matter what you set your grocery budget at, you always go over.

You know there must be a way to feed your family on less without eating junk.

And yet, it's not quite working.

Everyone needs to eat. We all buy food. What if you could spend half as much as you are now by changing a few habits and learning some new skills?

The truth is that lowering your grocery spending is a game-changer that will help you stick to your budget, feel confident about your finances, and even pay off debt and reach other financial goals.

The problem? Most people don’t think about what needs to happen before heading to the store, don’t employ smart shopping strategies at the store, and don’t make the big-picture changes that keep you from falling into bad habits. Maybe it all seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

But what if there was a simple process to make sure you got it right every time?

Hi there, I'm Stephanie!

I want to help you lower your grocery spending so you can put more money toward your goals. 

Rocking a low grocery budget is my superpower. I want you to have this power too!

I’ve spent the last eight years helping thousands of families live frugally so they can pay off debt and reach their financial goals.

Grocery Budget Hero is a structured way for you to learn, from start to finish, my strategy and process for making sure my family eats delicious, nutritious food while spending a fraction of the national average.

I have used and shared this method for 15 years, from newlywed to kitchen queen for eight always-hungry eaters. I know your situation is unique and I'm committed to help you start from where you are!

Imagine consistently sticking to a lower grocery budget every month

Here's what that would look like....

  • You'd have extra money to put toward your big goals (like getting out of debt), instead of compounding your financial problems each month.
  • You'd feel relaxed about money instead of stressed out.
  • You'd be able to build up food storage, bringing you even more peace and security, without a huge outlay of money.
  • You'd feel confident managing your money, instead of feeling frustrated with finances.
  • You'd leave the grocery store with a smile, instead of cringing at how much you just spent.

"We stuck to our budget for January and February and it looks like we're on track for March! This class was so helpful and encouraging!"    –Brooke

Introducing Grocery Budget Hero

The Course that pays for itself over and over again!

Grocery Budget Hero is powerful course designed to help you reduce your grocery spending, so that you can have more money to put toward your other financial goals.

If you are struggling to get your grocery spending under control, this is an opportunity that you won't want to miss!

"I have enjoyed your grocery course! I have a habit of going to the grocery store almost everyday. I used your meal planner and made a grocery list and this week. I went shopping only once and didn’t go over with my budget this week! Thank you!" –Gretchen

I'll walk you through the 4-step process to gain complete control over your grocery budget

The Grocery Budget Hero system will work with your priorities and maximize the reach of your grocery budget, without making you stick to a strict meal plan or give up all the foods you like to eat.


Set yourself up for saving

Before the Grocery Store

You'll learn how to track your spending and decide what you should budget for groceries. I'll show you the easy way to do the prep work, like making a menu and shopping list, to help you save before you even head to the store.


Strategic Skills for Shopping

AT the Grocery Store

You'll learn where to shop, how to effectively compare prices, and how to find stock-up prices. We'll talk about how to take advantage of sales (without having them take advantage of you) and how to actually stick to your budget!


More Money-Saving Methods

BEYOND the Grocery Store

You'll learn how a few small changes can have a major positive impact on your grocery budget. You'll learn smart ways to stop wasting food and discover fast and easy pantry staples you can make from scratch.


Advance Money-Saving Methods

BECOME the Grocery Store

You'll learn how to "shop" from your pantry when you need something so you don't have to constantly run to the store. I'll share the secrets to building up your pantry, saving money and time, and bringing you incredible peace of mind.

"Grocery spending has been a challenge for me for a long time but you are changing my relationship with how I spend money. I now have so many amazing ideas of where I can make changes to my meal planning and spending. I can't thank you enough!" –Deb

What is included in Grocery Budget Hero?

Grocery Budget Hero Course 

The course includes 20 lessons that build on one another. More than four hours of video content are divided up into manageable chunks so no matter how busy you are, you can still find time to learn. 

Course Workbook

Keep track of what you're learning by recording your aha moments as you work through the videos. Make a customized plan for implementing what you learn by writing your commitments in your workbook.

Meal Planning Printables

Use the meal planning printables to keep track of your family's favorites, plan fun themes, and get your menu organized for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Grocery Shopping Lists

Get access to customizable digital and printable grocery lists to streamline the grocery shopping process so you spend less time in the store and don't forget anything!

Bonus Video: Grow Your Own Produce For Less 

Learn to cost-effectively grow some of your own produce and get ideas for the best foods to plant.

"Today I went to the store with a shopping list and only bought one thing not on the list. This is a huge improvement! Sure made the shopping trip quicker today, too!" –Linda

When you enroll in Grocery Budget Hero you'll get:

  • Complete Grocery Budget Hero Course including 20 lessons with over 4 hours of video content
  • Printable Course Workbook
  • Meal Planning Printables
  • Digital and Printable Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Money-Saving Freezer Guide
  • Frugal Gardening Bonus Video


Now Only    $59*

*I want these life-changing skills and strategies to be accessible to everyone, no matter your current financial state, so I have added Pay-What-You-Can pricing, too.

"I am so happy to see how much fresh and healthy produce fits in a small budget!" –Catherine

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with Grocery Budget Hero?

Grocery Budget Hero is a step-by-step video course to help you spend less on groceries and lower your food budget. The course includes 20 lessons that build on one another. The 4+ hours of video content is divided up into manageable chunks so no matter how busy you are, you can still find time for this valuable training.

Along with the lessons, you will have access to the printable workbook that will help you learn and apply the most important concepts.

You'll get meal planning printables, digital and printable grocery lists, and digital and printable price books. You'll also get a bonus video about saving money by growing your own produce and the Money-Saving Freezer Guide which will help you save even more money by using your freezer!

What will I learn?

In Grocery Budget Hero you'll learn to:

  • Plan a menu that you and your family are excited about!
  • Prepare shopping trips so you can shop less often!
  • Know what is a good price and what is a great price!
  • Prepare more cost-effective meals!
  • Prevent costly food waste!
  • Get started building food storage!
  • And so much more!

How soon after purchasing will I get access to the course?

Access to Grocery Budget Hero will be delivered to the email address you provide at checkout. You will have access instructions within 5-10 minute of your purchase.

How do I know if Grocery Budget Hero is right for me?

If you are frustrated by your current grocery spending and ready to do something about it, Grocery Budget Hero is for you!

If you don't want to make any changes to your current habits or feel like you're already rocking your grocery budget, this course probably isn't a good fit.

I have a gluten-free/ dairy-free/ vegan diet. Will this help ME save money?

Yes! The principles and skills in the course will still apply to you. My practical approach to groceries works with your priorities and maximizes the reach of your grocery budget, without making you stick to a certain meal plan or give up all the foods you like to eat.

Is this a couponing class?

No! I don't use grocery coupons as a part of my strategy. I don't find them an effective way to consistently save money on my groceries, though I definitely won't discourage you from using coupons if they're working for you. Grocery Budget Hero focuses on methods that consistently save you money without relying on coupons.

Is there a guarantee?

I am so confident that the strategies in Grocery Budget Hero will significantly reduce your grocery spending that I offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee. If you don’t save more than you paid for the course, we'll refund the full cost.