Overwhelmed with tracking your blog's finances?

Blog Finance Spreadsheets

are here to simplify your life!

What are  Blog Finance Spreadsheets?

Designed just for bloggers, focusing on the four main blogging income streams.

Use separate spreadsheets to track what you earn, receive, and spend.  

Automatically compile income received with expenses to generate a summary report that shows your profits, so you know how much you're really making.

Simplify tax time by categorizing your expenses according to Schedule C tax deductions and keeping all your blogging finances in one place.

Puts my newbie entrepreneur mind at ease!

This. Is. AWESOME! I can’t even explain how helpful your Blog Finance Spreadsheets are!  I wish I had them two years ago when I first started blogging!

My very favorite part of the entire bundle is that the expenses categories are all coordinated with Schedule C tax deductions! How brilliant is that?

Having every single expense already categorized to match perfectly with the information I need for my taxes, puts my newbie entrepreneur mind at ease!

BRITTANY  //  Pennies into Pearls


 I can't tell you enough how professional and efficient this makes me feel

Not being a spreadsheet person, I can't tell you enough how professional and efficient this makes me feel. It's easy to update and I love seeing all the totals right away. I will be happy to pass this along to my CPA when that time comes and all the info he'll need will be there, easy for him to read.

JAMI  //  An Oregon Cottage

The Five Parts of the Blog Finance Spreadsheets

See how the five elements of the Blog Finance Spreadsheets will make your blog finances a piece of cake!


Income Earned Spreadsheet

Keeps track of blog income you have earned, but have not necessarily received

Tracking what you earn, allows you to see the overall effectiveness of the month’s monetization efforts. Though the actual payments will trickle in at different times, it’s helpful to see what you earn when you earn it.


Income Received Spreadsheet

Keeps track of the money that actually reaches your (virtual) hands.

Tracking the money you receive is, well, how you know how much your business is bringing in! Using this information in conjunction with the Expense Ledger, is how you'll know what your profit is!


Expense Ledger

A simple way to track expenses

In addition to tracking your business expenses, the Expense Ledger allows you to categorize each expense into tax-deductible business expense categories, which simplifies your work at tax time. 


Summary Spreadsheet

All the most important numbers come together

The Summary gives you the totals for the four different streams of blogging income as well as all the expenses broken down into Schedule C categories.  

The Summart spreadsheet also allows you to see your monthly profit at a glance, set aside money for taxes and know how much to pay yourself! 

You will never manually enter numbers into the "Summary" spreadsheet.  All of the cells in the “Summary” auto-populate from the “Received” and “Expenses” spreadsheets.


Graphs and Tables

Because a picture's worth a thousand words (or numbers)

At a glance you can see and compare the most important income and expense metrics annually or monthly using graphs and charts created from the data in your spreadsheets.

My accountant doesn't hate me anymore!

I love everything about these spreadsheets. I'm finally clear about when I'm paid what I've earned and where the money is coming from. My accountant doesn't hate me anymore, hahahaha! 

ADRIENNE  //  Fruitfully Alive

See the details that really matter, with minimal effort on your part

People ask me all the time what they should be doing in their businesses to avoid tax surprises. The number one thing I tell them is to track their business activity.

Stephanie's spreadsheet is perfect for doing just that.

The majority of small businesses don't need special bookkeeping software, and I often recommend using a simple spreadsheet. Stephanie's tool is just that, and more. It is simple and yet incredibly effective tool that allows you see the details that really matter, with minimal effort on your part.

MARK TEW, CPA  //  Not Your Dad's CPA

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You missed out!

Organize your blog finances  today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a fancy app?

Nope. Technically, it’s just an Excel workbook of five spreadsheets. It is prettier than your average spreadsheet though. It’s all color-coded, too, so it doesn’t feel so spreadsheet-y.

Can I just make my own spreadsheet?

Probably. If you have Excel skills that are above average, then you can certainly make your own spreadsheets that work together. The real value the Blog Finance Spreadsheets is that you don’t have to! We’ve done the dirty work in for you in linking the Income Received spreadsheet and the Expense Ledger into the Summary with the proper formulas, and creating useful graphs and tables.

What if I don't have Excel?

No worries! We have a native Google Sheets version that will work great for you! Same formulas and functionality, no Microsoft Office necessary!

Do I have to pay every month?

Nope! When you purchase and download the Blog Income Spreadsheets, they're yours for life! In fact, I will even send you updates free of charge!

Will this work for freelancers?

Yes and no. If you are a freelancer who bills lots of different clients, you’re probably better off using something like Freshbooks that is designed to handle invoicing clients with ease.

If you aren’t ready to pay the monthly fee of ($15+ per month) for dedicated software like Freshbooks, you can use the Blog Finance Spreadsheets. You can keep track of your clients by tracking the bills sent on your “earned” spreadsheet and your bills paid on your “received” spreadsheet. Comparing the two spreadsheets will help you keep track of what has been paid and what hasn’t.

Order your copy today and get free lifetime updates!

Got questions? Contact us here and we'll be happy to help you out.

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You missed out!


We're confident that you're going to love the Blog Finance Spreadsheets, but if for any reason you don't think they're as awesome as described above, then we'll happily give you a full refund.